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Really distinctive also in its cabrio version
The Ford Mustang GT is an iconic car, with aggressive but sophisticated design, marked by aerodynamic and modern lines.

The V8 5.0 is equipped with a double disc clutch and launch control that allows you to make burning starts from standstill without spinning the wheels.

Classic lines and modern solutions are the main features of Mustang Convertible's exterior design. The two symmetrical air intakes do not interrupt the fluid line of the elongated bonnet, which ends in a sharp, angular and proportioned black grille with the Mustang logo in the middle and a toothed blade front spoiler.

Numerous safety devices are part of the Personal Safety System on board the Ford Mustang and include: driver and passenger knee airbags, pedestrian crossing detection, lane change warning, blind spot monitoring and rear view camera.
Equipped with a 12 inch LCD digital instrument panel, fully customizable. You can choose between Normal, Sports and Track modes, the information displayed and the colour of the indicators change. This screen has the "zoom in/zoom out" function, which allows you to organise the app icons and wallpapers exactly as you would on a smartphone or similar tool. To top it all off, the infotainment system is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.



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