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Outrageous looks, a scintillating engine and massive grip mean the hardcore Aventador SV is one of the great Lamborghinis – possibly the best ever. Embodying the spirit that elevated the brand to the top, it’s just how a supercar should be:
a thrillingly addictive but slightly terrifying mix of old-school charm, huge power and modern technology.

The interior certainly sets the right tone. Huge swathes of the letterbox cabin are trimmed in Alcantara, which gives it a tactile fleeciness that makes a pleasing if somewhat superficially soft epidermis for the bony lightweight carbon fibre tub in which you’re sitting

The V12’s ignition button is still nestled under a red safety catch, and although its starter has the charismatic noisy whine, the engine’s idle tends to get lost beneath the maelstrom of radiator fans that kick in to variously chill the SV’s components.

There are three selectable modes for the suspension, steering and powertrain: Strada (street), Sport and Corsa (race). With motorsport-inspired carbon fibre bucket seats that are light on padding, the firmer race mode is better saved for super smooth roads or tracks, but in the Strada setting it’s surprisingly compliant, with light steering making it easy to manoeuvre. Coupled with 690Nm of torque, it’s docile and easy to drive around town.



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